Considered one of the most beautiful destinations on the Adriatic, this small island community, connected to the mainland by bridge, offers the perfect blend of past and present. Narrow Mediterranean streets wrapped in ancient stone are home to little cafes, restaurants and artisan shops and a promenade that comes to life after dark.


Its ancient buildings and structures function today as they have for centuries, providing the perfect environment for Primosten's many cultural events. Local lore and customs weave around fascinating stories of people and events, making this a place of daily enchantment.


Visitors enjoy a warm Mediterranean climate with 315 sunny days per year and an environment that offers a stunning view from every vantage point. Rolling mountains meet with one of the world's healthiest coastal eco-systems to create an abundance and variety of flora and fauna, on land and in the sea.


With vegetables grown in the traditional way in untouched soil, fish that swim in pristine waters, and livestock that live in pastures of aromatic herbs, it's easy to see how Dalmatian cuisine developed its reputation as one of the most succulent and healthful in world.


Located between two major cities, Primosten enjoys all the comforts of urban life, including hospitals, schools, supermarkets and other amenities.

Visitors come from the world over to bask in Primosten's rich cultural heritage and the Dalmatian way of life


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