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Prva Vala


One of Dalmatia’s most striking and identifiable views, the stunning 5-star Solis resort sits on a steep rocky site directly opposite the medieval fishing village of Primosten and features a cross section of luxury villa and hotel accommodations.


The principal resort contains the central hotel building with conference centre and spa, and features apartment-style clusters and luxury villas.


Closer to the sea, the Central Piazza contains a host of restaurants featuring regional cuisine and a small performance area/ amphitheatre overlooking the waterfront boardwalk


The principal resort contains the main hotel complex with the central hotel building, Conference centre and Spa, along with apartment style clusters and luxury villas.


Regional Design


The Solis resort and surrounding landscape have been designed to capture both the building style and the lifestyle of the region. Building proportions, materials and greenery are all reflective of time-honoured local building practices and draw on the fishing village vernacular of Primosten and the surrounding countryside.


Solis Hotels & Resorts


Solis is the newest luxury hotel and resort brand of The West Paces Hotel Group – a group dedicated to creating new concepts in travel accommodation and luxury hospitality experiences.


The West Paces Hotel Group is in business to create value and unparalleled results for its owners by creating products that fulfil individual customer expectations.    

Solis is the experience that stays with you.


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