The prerequisite is to operate in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner. Dalmi’s broad commitment to minimize the ecological footprint can be seen through the utilization of green technology and energy conservation efforts. Use of technological innovations in the field of sustainability promotes a sense of responsibility among all the beneficiaries.




Complying with all the applicable ecological regulations is only the first step. The stewardship of the environment is a value that is shared with all the stakeholders. Promotion of pollution prevention and resource conservation is crucial to our future. All employees are responsible and accountable for operating in accordance with the best environmental practice.



The challenge in finding new ways to further green our operations is more than just a wish to meet the expectations of operational sustainability. It is one of the foundations for all decision making processes and a measure which protects us, our friends and families for generations to come.

It is possible that Dalmatia and the flower are the same

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