Dalmatia is only 3 hours away from most European destinations.


By plane

Croatian Airlines, as well as several other continental and international airlines, operate regular connections to the region. Main airports in Croatia are located in Zagreb, Pula, Rijeka, Zadar, Split, Osijek and Dubrovnik. All have public bus and taxi transport facilities.

For more information, visit
Airport Split
Airport Zagreb
Airport Zadar


By car

Most visitors to Croatia come by car from neighbouring countries: Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Germany. Croatia has over 1,500 km of modern highways, with new highways to Rijeka and Dalmatia. Traffic regulations are similar to those in other European countries (right-hand traffic), and tolls are charged on some roads.

For more information, visit:
Croatian Auto Club


By train

Croatian rail travel is very affordable and offers direct connections from Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, and indirect connections from almost all other European countries.

For more information, visit:
Croatian Railways

By bus

The bus is the preferred way of getting around Croatia with an extensive network of bus companies serving both domestic and international routes. Even the smallest villages have some sort of bus connection. International bus connections are available from Berlin, Budapest, Cologne, Frankfurt, Ljubljana, Munich, Nuremberg, Sarajevo, Stuttgart and Vienna.

For more information, visit
Split Bus Terminal
Zadar Bus Terminal
Zagreb Bus Terminal


By boat

Many visitors arrive in Croatia by ferry from Italy. Tickets for both car ferries and high speed passenger services must be bought on the day of travel, so we recommend you arrive a half hour before scheduled departure. During high summer the service runs virtually around the clock. International car-ferry services are Zadar-Ancona, Korcula-Stari Grad/Hvar-Split-Ancona, Split-Ancona and Dubrovnik-Bari.

For more information, visit
Jadrolinija Shipping/ferry company
SEM Marina


Coming to Croatia is simple, whether you travel by air, train, ship or car


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