With the highest amount of shoreline per person of any country in Europe there’s no doubt that Croatia’s long stretch of beautiful, unspoilt Adriatic coast is one of its main tourist attractions.


Whether you want to island-hop around the Adriatic, go white water rafting in dramatic river canyons, scuba-dive to explore the underwater treasures of the coast, swim at the bottom of cascading waterfalls or just soak up the incredible architecture and atmosphere from a pavement café situated in the middle of a historical city, you’ll be well catered for in Croatia.

As one of the most important tourist destinations on the Mediterranean Croatia boasts a long tradition in tourism and favourable developmental opportunities.


In 2008. Croatia realized 9 415 105 tourist arrivals i.e. 50 625 522 tourist overnights. International tourism revenues amounted to 7.5 billion €.
The advantages of the Croatian tourism offer are primarily a well-perserved natural environment, cultural and historic heritage, a mild Mediterranean climate, safety and its vicinity to European markets.

Rafting, sailing, surfing, diving, fishing, cycling, climbing, walking.. all are on offer

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